Help us shape up the woodwork!

Humans are long gone. Will your society of lumberpunk beavers do any better? Timberborn is a city-building game featuring ingenious herbivores, vertical structures and water control mechanics. Contains high amounts of wood.

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Technology is what makes civilization, so use ingenious timber-tech for the good of your society. In Timberborn, every building and structure is made out of wood, which is the main resource... in addition to food, water, science points etc.

Unique Building System

Construct a beaver settlement using modular architecture system. Here, space isn't infinite, so stack buildings on top of each other, map out future crops and set up a power grid for your growing population.

Day and Night Cycle

Build a prosperous city with efficient production chains and beaverish nighttime activities. Follow the lives of individually simulated inhabitants throughout their day. Celebrate when Justin Beaver Junior is born and mourn when he dies of old age.

Wellbeing Mechanics

Satisfy the needs of your population to unlock bonuses and new races. There's more to a beaver lifestyle than "eat, sleep and chomp on wood"! How about a good carousel spin after a long day of work? Some quality time with a book? Visit to a local temple, maybe?

Map Editor

Play on one of the included maps or create your own and share it with the community! With hills of different height, resource-rich forests, and twisting rivers that you will build dams on, each map can pose a different challenge.

Unique beaver societies

Common Beavers enjoy a balanced lifestyle and are great for your first playthrough. Eager Beavers require little sleep but consume more food, which increases the challenge. And the Fancy Beavers? Refuse to decorate their settlement and they'll be gone in no time. By the way, they breed like rabbits.

...and more!

We regularly add new features and iterate, based on the community's feedback. Together, we'll create a dam good game, so stay in the loop and add Timberborn to your wishlist today!

Timberborn is developed by a small independent studio.