Timberborn is a city-building game about lumberpunk beavers. These evolved, bipedal animals build vertical wooden settlements, control rivers with dams and dynamite, and create thriving colonies despite the catastrophic droughts and other perils.

The game's demo for PC and Mac is now available on Steam and on GOG.com.

Timberborn will launch in Steam Early Access, Epic Games Store Early Access, and GOG Games in Development in 2021.
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What is Timberborn about?

River control

Put up dams, dig canals with explosives, and prepare your beaver colony for catastrophic droughts.

Wet & dry seasons

The world cycles between wet and dry seasons – you need to irrigate, using natural and artificial water sources, to keep the ground arable.


Turn wood into machinery, buildings, and monuments. Find metal in ruins of the old world.

Vertical architecture

Stack buildings on top of each other to create multi-level structures. Space is limited here!

Day and night cycle

Follow the lives of individually simulated colonists throughout their day and cheer as new generations are born.


Satisfy the varied needs of your settlement: provide it with energy, fun, spirituality, knowledge, and a balanced diet.

Beaver societies

Unlock additional beaver factions, each with unique style, buildings, and gameplay traits.

Map editor

Play on one of the included maps or create your own and share it with the community!

...and more!

We regularly add new features and iterate, based on the community's feedback.

At launch, Timberborn will be available in English, Polish, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.
Timberborn is created by seven individuals from Poland working under the banner of Mechanistry.